Humanity born from the dust of the earth had also received the gift of knowledge. Knowledge gave humanity the wisdom to realize just how cruel and unforgivable this world called Remnant really was. The world that will not let you forget even for a second what terrible predators stalk its every corner.

Creatures of Grimm.

It’s possible that their sole reason for existence, these creatures full of mystery which we call grimm, is to attack humans, to pursue them, to devour them. They need no food to survive, they need no water, all they seem to need is to kill.

The method of their hunts is the simple act of complete slaughter without any kind of precision, therefore since the times of long past, they have continued to be the nightmare of humanity everywhere.

Facing the claws and fangs of these monsters, the flesh of humans stood no chance. However, humans were born with knowledge, and asked themselves the question constantly, “what do we need to be able to protect ourselves?”


Humans needed weapons to protect our frail bodies. Weapons that can fight these monsters, weapons that can kill these monsters. That power alone needed a resource of immense power, which by no means was easily found.

But if this went on …




Humans were born from the earth.
Yes, humans were born from … DUST.