RWBY The Session Prologue

For those that don’t know, a light novel was just released in Japan for RWBY, I’m gonna take a stab at translating it, but don’t expect this to be that quickly updated. Translating light novels is a lot more work than scanlating manga.



Humanity born from the dust of the earth had also received the gift of knowledge. Knowledge gave humanity the wisdom to realize just how cruel and unforgivable this world called Remnant really was. The world that will not let you forget even for a second what terrible predators stalk its every corner.

Creatures of Grimm.

It’s possible that their sole reason for existence, these creatures full of mystery which we call grimm, is to attack humans, to pursue them, to devour them. They need no food to survive, they need no water, all they seem to need is to kill.

The method of their hunts is the simple act of complete slaughter without any kind of precision, therefore since the times of long past, they have continued to be the nightmare of humanity everywhere.

Facing the claws and fangs of these monsters, the flesh of humans stood no chance. However, humans were born with knowledge, and asked themselves the question constantly, “what do we need to be able to protect ourselves?”


Humans needed weapons to protect our frail bodies. Weapons that can fight these monsters, weapons that can kill these monsters. That power alone needed a resource of immense power, which by no means was easily found.

But if this went on …




Humans were born from the earth.
Yes, humans were born from … DUST.


RWBY Chapter 14 update

So with the official Viz media translation pretty much almost caught up to the actual manga I really don’t have that much drive to translate anymore. As such I don’t think I’ll be writing a synopsis/short story here.

However I do want to clear something up, there was a lot of talk saying this would be the last chapter, however it is not. There was a “to be continued” on the last page of this month’s manga so the manga WILL be continuing so we’ll have that.

And for those that have been keeping count, we finally got a longish chapter this time, 20 pages!!

RWBY Manga Chapter 13 story


Ruby was not having the best of days, sure today was to have a search and clear Grimm mission so she expected some excitement. However, she really didn’t expect to be running for her life … in midair … with a giant snake head chasing her … and also having boulders flying everywhere around her.

Ya … not the best day she’s ever had.

One such boulder was on a collision course with Ruby but with one swift motion, Crescent Rose cut the boulder right in half.

“Sis!” Yelled Ruby seeing an opportunity.

“YOU GOT IT!!” Yelled Yang back, quickly jumping up to meet the two falling pieces of earth.

Yang thrust her fists and Ember Celica into the two halves of the boulder and with unparalleled power launched them right back at the head of the King Taijitu.

The two sisters landed back on solid ground and watched as their handiwork crashed into the monster.

“Ruby!” Cried Weiss as she finally caught up to her leader. The two retreated as Yang charged once again into the fray with the oncoming monster.

“What Jaune said earlier, was it true?” Asked Weiss.

“No doubt about it, there’s definitely something strange where all the heads are joined.” Replied Ruby.

“Then it’s gotta be a Possession type, I faced one before in a training session back in Atlas.” Said Weiss, with determination and now understanding in her eyes. “I saw it possess an inanimate object but I didn’t know it could also control it’s fellow Grimm as well.”

Suddenly Gambol Shroud whizzed overhead the two, surprising the two teammates. Turning around to see where the weapon was heading they watched as the blade struck right in the middle of a charging King Taijitu head.

“Ruby, Weiss!” Cried Blake as she landed next to her teammates.

Yang who had been in the mouth of one of the heads holding it open with her bare hands disengaged and landed to join up with her regrouped team.

“Uugh. MY HAIR IS ALL SLIMY NOW!!” Yelled Yang at the monster.

“Blake, Sis.” Said Ruby to her two teammates who had just shown up.

“We heard Ruby,” replied Blake to Ruby’s call, “We have to attack it’s ‘true body’ right? But that’s not going to as easy as it sounds.”


Suddenly Jaune’s voice caught team RWBY’s attention, turning to the source of the sound they found Jaune on another ledge a distance away.

“There’s 8 of us and 8 heads but we can’t beat it with normal divide and conquer tactics. We’re going to need more drastic measures if we want to win.” Cried Jaune to his fellow hunters in training team.

“We’ll meet up over there, try to lead the monster there as well!!” Yelled Jaune as he pointed towards an outcropping a bit further away.

“You can leave four of the heads to us.” Yelled Pyrrha from behind Jaune as Nora and Ren were running along the length of another Snake head fighting.

“Got it.” Replied Ruby.

“You know Ruby,” Said Blake nonchalantly catching Ruby’s attention, “the follow-up to that story I mentioned earlier was that in the belly of the eight-headed snake slept a beautiful Sword.”

(TL Note: This is a reference to the Japanese story of Susanno and how when he slew Yamato-no-Orochi an 8-headed Snake he found within its tail the sword Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi.)

Suddenly thoughts of rare weapons filled Ruby’s mind and her eyes started sparkling.


“Wait a minute Blake,” Said Weiss skeptically, “did you say that just to …”

However, Weiss wasn’t given the chance to finish her sentence as the four had to dodge out of the way as a had crashed into where they were standing.

“Well, I guess we’ll continue afterward.” Said Weiss disregarding the fact they just had a close brush with death. “Instructions Ruby, what shall we do?”

“Cmon Ruby!!” Cried Yang to her little sister.

“ALRIGHT!!” Yelled Ruby with renewed enthusiasm, “TEAM RWBY LET’S GO!!”


RWBY Manga chapter 12 story

coverFangs met stone, blades clashed against scales, bullets flew through the air in the canyon that had turned into a battlefield.

This was a battle between hunters and Grimm .

Or hunters in training as it were since team JNPR weren’t fully certified hunters and huntresses yet.

Jaune raced across the edge of an outcropping as he watched his friends fight frantically against this newly formed foe. Heads thrashing wildly and striking with no hesitation, the landscape was quickly reforming just from this new monster’s attacks.

“That tiny thing before, what did it do?” Thought Jaune as he continued along the cliff side. “It jumped into the King Taijitus and now they’re all combined together.”

Then a turn for the worst, Jaune noticed that Pyrrha was caught flatfooted when one of the heads of this new monster thrust out at her.

“PYRRHA!!” Screamed Jaune, able to do nothing to help his partner as his defenseless teammate tried to brace herself from the strike. Only a miracle could save her now.

Suddenly gunshots echoed through the canyon, multiple bullets struck into the face of the attacking head and deflected it from hitting Pyrrha.

And like angels descending from heaven a miracle came. Granted most angels don’t wield scythes, guns, gauntlets or rapiers and aren’t usually as crude in their methods but Jaune wasn’t going to complain.

“Sorry for the wait team JNPR!” Yelled an enthusiastic Ruby. “Team RWBY has arrived!!”

Heroes arriving just in the nick of time and saving their comrade, it was like a scene from a hero manga. At that moment Ruby gave off the aura of a true huntress and a great leader.

“Uwaaa, what the heck is this thing, it’s gross!!” Cried Ruby right after.

And just as quickly lose that aura by sounding like twelve-year-old, it truly was amazing how quickly Ruby is able to go from cool to ditzy.

As if understanding Ruby’s comment about it, or just angry at the newcomers the beast roared and readied itself to attack once more.


A roar echoed through the forest.

It was an unnatural sound.

It was a terrifying sound.

It was a sound that no normal creature on this planet would or should make.

It was the kind of sound that froze one’s blood.

And Cardin Winchester’s blood did freeze, his mace trembling in his hand.

“Huh? … What the hell was that?” He said, sweat rolling down the side of his face.

——————————-Interlude  End——————————–

With Team RWBY now part of the fray, morale definitely took a turn for the better. With renewed vigor team JNPR once again started to combat this giant creature.

“HYAAAAAAAA!!” Cried Yang as she delivered a powerful punch with Ember Celica into the side of a head.

And then proceeded to regret her action as her arm felt the shockwaves of hitting the monster.

“Man, it’s skin is hard!!” Grunted Yang as she pulled back.

Weiss and Pyrrha weren’t faring better, keeping their distance the two kept up a barrage of fire into the head that chased after them.

“How can it be so fast when it’s so big?” Complained Weiss, “and our projectiles have no effect whatsoever!”

No truer word had ever been spoken, flies would have been more effective than their attacks. The dust projectiles and bullets from Weiss and Pyrrha bounce harmlessly off the snake-like creature’s hardened skin.

Flies at least could possibly distract it by being annoying.

Nora now tried her hand, “HEAVE” yelled the enthusiastic young girl, “HO!!!!”

Smashing her massive Magnhild into the top of one of the heads, it was sure to do something right?

Well, it did stop the head from moving.

For about 10 milliseconds.

The head turned its eyes towards Nora, its focus now solely on her.


Nora didn’t even have time to finish her sentence as the head shot her straight into the air.

This was bad, being so high up she would have far fewer options if a follow-up attack was to come. Thankfully the signature ribbon of Gambol Shroud wrapped itself around Nora’s leg and pulled her back to the ground.

“Thank you~~!!” Said Nora as she gracefully landed next to Blake.

“An eight headed snake, almost feel like we’re in a fairy tale.” Said Blake casually. “First off we have to stop it from moving.”

Easier said than done, with none of their attacks really having an effect such a plan was just a hope at this point.

Then a red blur flashed across one of the necks of the snake monster.

A blur of red and black, cloak fluttered and danced through the air, Crescent Rose slashed and carved at the monster. Yet the most Ruby could do was stall and distract the thing.

‘Its strength, power, speed and defense, none of it is normal,’ thought Ruby, ‘We can’t even attack them separately!’


A yell broke Ruby from her musing. As she looked towards the source of the call she saw Jaune running towards her and the head she was currently fighting.

“Jaune!?” Cried Ruby.

“The core! There’s something that is attaching all of them together!” Yelled Jaune desperately.

“I saw a strange small thing tha …”

Unfortunately, Jaune couldn’t finish his thought as a head came rushing towards him from his right.

“Uwaaa, GOD DAMMIT!!!!”

Twisting his body and putting all the strength into his arms he swung his sword at the charging head.

Thankfully the dodge parry combo worked and he was able to just barely avoid the attack. Unfortunately, by doing so he realized too late that it pushed him over the cliff edge.

And he hasn’t gotten to the landing strategy part of his lessons with Pyrrha yet … crap.

Once again he felt the familiar sensation of falling, but once again he was saved from being a bloody stain on the ground by Pyrrha.

“Pyrrha!?” Said Jaune surprisingly.

Carrying Jaune bridal style Pyrrha looked proudly and happily at her teammate.

“Great job noticing such a thing Jaune!” Said Pyrrha enthusiastically.

“Darn it, why does it always end up this way!” Cried Jaune incredulously.

Despite the funny scene below her Ruby noticed something in the tangle that was the center of the 8 snake heads, 6 glowing orbs permeated from the shadows of the monster.


I had fun writing this, don’t know if I’ll continue it indefinitely though, and yes I took down all previous manga chapters like I said I would.

RWBY Chapter 10 out and future plans

So some of you may not know but very recently Viz media has officially announced they will be publishing an official English translation of the RWBY manga in their Shonen Jump weekly magazine.

Here is the announcement

Now what this means for this site is that I am officially announcing my termination in fan translating the RWBY manga. I will do 1 more chapter which is coming out in around 9-10 days and that will be the last chapter I will be translating. Also after 1 more month I will be taking down the archives of all my translations.

I know some people will be very disappointed with this but in all honestly I am actually doing something illegal, and while other groups can maybe get away with translating licensed manga I do not want to chance it. I am considering that since RWBY is an exceptional case where an American company holds the copyright I am taking this precaution preemptively so as to not incur any kind of legal issues onto myself.

Thank you all for reading my work, and it has been a fun doing so, but in 1 month I’m afraid it has to end 😦

Chapter 10 Delayed

Ya currently planning out my trip to Japan, so don’t really want to spend a whole day translating. Probably won’t have the full chapter out until Oct 11 ish. In the mean time have this image preview 😛 (The text is obviously not real, just go with my fun).

For the RWBY Wiki, I know Gastropod likes to have info for each chapter. Chapter is 10 pages, full RWBY team and full JNPR make a cameo as well Glynda and as you can see Roman. Some White Fang mook is with Roman.

For the story … well you guys will have to wait :P.

RWBY Chapter 9 out

So ends the first arc of the manga, nothing much happening this chapter but I expected as much. However this manga IS continuing after this chapter and according to Twitter it seems that the next story will take place between Volume 1 and Volume 2 so YAY NEW CANON HYPE!!!

P.S. Next month around 4 days after the manga release I’m actually taking a solo trip to Japan (my first time there) and as such I might be too busy preparing to get the chapter out. If so I’m sorry but you guys will probably have to wait until I get back from Japan which is around 3 weeks. Hope you guys understand.

By the way, please comment if you like the new manga viewer, if not I’ll change it back to the old viewer.

Questions about manga viewer

So ya I know this site is not the best place for reading manga, but since it’s free I don’t have as much freedom in the individual viewer that are given to me. I’m trying out a different viewer in WordPress, can everyone who follows this blog please go and look at Chapter 8’s page again.

Please leave a comment on which one you liked more, the ones I have been using or this other one. If everyone likes the new one I’ll retro actively change the old pages to use the new viewer.

RWBY Chapter 8 out

Huh VERY surprised that the manga just didn’t end it here, well there’s at least 1 more chapter and hopefully this will continue on after that.

Things to note, 1 apparently sisterly love is what drives Yang to love her hair so much and 2 we may have gotten the best line in the entire series.