RWBY Chapter 7 out

YAY! Kindle is releasing the comic pretty much the same day as the magazine now so I can get these out even sooner!

Anyways suuuuuuuuper short chapter this month and again not a lot added to the story. I expect Yang’s arc will be adding as much new content as Blake’s arc did. Also I did not know that┬áMiltia had short hair since the fur scarf hides that in her 3d model. She looks cute :P.

RWBY Chapter 6 out

So I could have gotten this out sooner, apparently the Kindle version is coming out earlier than the first of every month now. It was only by chance that I was checking ultra jump that I noticed it came out. Anyways I’ll check more often after the magazine comes out from now on.

Anyone else notice the dramatic change of Blake’s ears compared to her design in the show? The ears are MUCH bigger.

RWBY Chapter 5 out

Wow a day early, mostly because there were very little lines to actually translate this chapter. Don’t expect this to happen regularly : P.

I’m kinda disappointed in this chapter, I was really hoping for some backstory to Blake, but I’m going to assume RT wants to save all that stuff for the actual show instead of the Manga.

No RWBY Manga this month

I could not find any official announcements but I took a look at the ultra jump listing this month and RWBY was not in it. Little further digging on Japanese RWBY fan twitter accounts has confirmed that the RWBY manga this month is taking a break.

This means that on April 1st there will be no RWBY Manga being posted here. Which is a real shame, I had some pretty funny lines I wanted to do for a April fools version of the manga along with the actual release. Oh well sorry guys :(.


RWBY Chapter 4 out

So I think this confirms that Weiss got her scar from the trailer fight as well as apparently Winter was the driving force behind Weiss’s decisions. Anyway have fun guys, please do read my translator notes as I saw lots of confusion in the last chapter.

If any RoosterTeeth people are also looking at these I want to say this to you guys. Thank you for all you are doing and continue doing it as we all love RWBY very much.

And I also doubt that Gray and the like don’t know that I exist since they’re so connected to the fandom. As such I want to also say this, inaction sometimes speak as loud as action itself so I want to thank you specifically for that. I know that legally you guys probably can never publicly acknowledge my existence but if I ever make a giant flub in my translations. Please contact me so that I may fix it.