RWBY The Session Chapter 2 Update

The waves that emanate from the ferry becomes less powerful as it starts slowing down.

Seabirds flock around and sing their distinctive cries, just beyond the horizon a shadow in the shape of an island starts to form. Sapang Island, the tropical resort island beckons the ship to its wide beautiful beaches.

Beyond the sandy beaches lay roads flanked by exotic tropical plants, the buildings all pristine and newly made.

The passengers on the decks are treated to a gentle breeze of salty air as they look and point upon their destination with smiles and excitement. Ruby was of course among those passengers as she cheered at the sight of the approaching island.

“Look, look Blake! There it is! I can see the island!”

“Yes, I see it,” Blake answered calmly while also holding onto Ruby’s clothes to stop her from falling into the ocean.

“The beaches are so white, they look beautiful! Hey Weiss, Yang you two …”

Ruby stopped herself when she turned to her other two teammates.

“Like, I, said, why would we do training when we’re at a tropical resort!?”

Against the booming voice of Yang, Weiss responds with equal determination.

“And I already said that we have problems in our team coordination.”

“What are you talking about, yesterday we did fine!”

“When a team starts understanding each other and avoids useless actions, it opens up the way to more advanced tactics and maneuvers, that’s why I said we need practice!”

“That’s exactly why! I know that our team needs to understand each other more! That’s why we need to enjoy ourselves to the fullest, TOGETHER!”

“You just want to play around don’t you!?”

“Of course!”

“Can you ever be serious!?”

Seeing her teammates argue with each other, the smile on Ruby’s face stiffens and can only now be described as forced.

“Look, Blake, it’s the island.” Said Ruby again as she turns her gaze back at the approaching island.

“Yes, I see it.”


With the ferry docked at the pier, the passengers descend down to the dock one by one. The four members of team RWBY gasp at the scenery before them. Tall, short, large, small, wide, thin, contrary to their expectations the harbour was full of drones of all shapes and sizes.

Elsewhere in the harbour, a large drone was unloading cargo from other ships that were also currently moored here. The drone was similar to the elephant drone that went rampant at the exhibition, except instead of an elephant it was in the shape of a water buffalo. Dutifully, it lowered the small containers from the ships one by one.

On the water, stood people wearing the SIC uniform overseeing the entire operation using the tablets they held in their hands. Looking at their feet, it seemed a jellyfish looking machine was fulfilling the role of being their foothold.

“Everything looks like an animal huh.” Said, Blake, as she avoids an armadillo looking drone rolling past her feet. Certainly, every autonomous drone here was modeled after the form of an animal.

“In the field of biometrics, copying living creatures is a common approach when it comes to the engineering the mechanics of something. In this case, however, the animal shape is more about design rather than function. Most likely to give a sense of familiarity to the end user. In fact Atlas …”

“She sounds like you when you start talking about weapons Rubes.” Whispered Yang to her sister as they looked on as Weiss continuing her speech.

“No way! I explain things way more clearly than that!”

“Hey.” Called out Blake to her teammates as she points to a machine before them.

“I think this guy wants us for something.”

The thing in front of them had lights that blinked and flickered, it had a body that was round like a bike wheel, and finally, it had a head that ended with a pointed beak. It was a drone obviously modeled after a bird.

“Miss Ruby Rose and friends, welcome to our island. Your trip must have been tiring, we have prepared a shuttle bus to the hotel. Please, right this way.”

Ruby and Yang’s eyes light up as the drone bowed and moved past them.

“You’re so cuuute! What kind of animal are you!?”

“It’s definitely a flamingo sis! Look it’s only got one leg.”

Unlike the carefree sisters, Blake and Weiss had their interests elsewhere.

“I wonder how it was able to recognize us.”

“It is possible that it has some kind of face recognition system, but it could also be …”

Weiss glances at the ticket that protrudes from Ruby’s pocket.

Just then came the sound of water sloshing and waves crashing. Near the docked ferry, just below the surface, swam a dark shadow that caused the sea to swell.

“Something’s down there!” Cried Ruby at the large slinking figure below the waves.

“Be careful, it could be a Grimm.” Said Weiss with a stoned faced, she was already reaching for her rapier mounted at her hip.

“A Grimm? underwater? I’ve never seen one before, but …”

The long shadow which had been creeping near the bottom of the bay started to slowly come up to the surface.

“It’s coming!” Shouted Weiss, urging her teammates to get ready.

Seawater flew everywhere causing a mini rainfall as the shadow finally broke the surface. The tropical sun shined off its metallic body, and the engraved SIC logo glistened as water flowed off its form.


The machine’s body was connected with many interlocking joints, not unlike a train. The huge sea serpent machine then starts swaying back and forth, giving a show to the visiting guests.

“Looks like it was another drone.”

“Ya … looks like it.” Weiss blushes a little at Blake’s comment and sheathes her weapon.

Ruby puts her hand on Weiss’s shoulder with and puts on an understanding face.

“It’s alright Weiss, you’re just anxious after finally arriving at a tropical island right?”

“Don’t look at me like that!”

Giving a final glance at welcoming show given by the metallic serpent, the four continue on their way down the dock.

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    1. I actually have like half of chapter 2 translated … but lately ive lost a lot of drive to keep translating. Mostly because I haven’t found the last 2 seasons of RWBY all that great. I’ll try to finish off chapter 2 if i can find some time.


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