RWBY The Session Chapter 1 Update

The fundamentals of the academies that train hunters is to form their students into four man teams. They live together in the same dorm room, they go to school together, they live their daily lives together. All for the purpose of developing a connection with their fellow hunters and huntresses.

Ruby Rose

Weiss Schnee

Blake Belladonna

Yang Xiaolong

Using the first letter of their names is born their team name, RWBY. Like other students at the academy, they share a dorm room and even during their summer vacation they return here at the end of their day.

“…. Was it really ok for them not to notify the police or Beacon about that incident today?”

Her hands frozen in mid air, Blake murmurs her thoughts to no one in particular as she chooses a book from her book shelf.

Yang, in her usual cheerfulness, responds to her partner while choosing clothes from the closet.

“You still going on about that? The SIC big shots already told us that they want to keep it internal, so don’t worry about it. Not like anyone got injured anyway.”

“I … completely … agree!”

Weiss, who was pushing down hard on a luggage stuffed trunk, commented on the two’s conversation.

After throwing another spoon into the overstuffed trunk and succeeds in closing it, Weiss sits down on the nearby bed.

Having an incident like that happen at a promotional exhibition would be a huge scandal for a company, it’s only natural they would take measures to prevent the bad press from spreading.

“Exactly, if you say anything they’ll just silence you!”

While testing out swimsuits in front of the closet Yang casually says some dangerous things. Weiss however, was glaring at Yang, or more likely the slightly revealing swimsuits that Yang owned.

Despite her teammate’s reassurances, Blake’s expression doesn’t soften.

“……Don’t you think it was hasty to assume that it wasn’t related to me at all?”

“Ok, hold up Blake. Don’t go start thinking like that.”

Yang immediately stops what she was doing after hearing Blake talk like that.

In an incident right before summer vacation, her teammates learned that Blake was a Faunus, and once was part of an extremist group that targeted large corporations.

The organization that fought for Faunus rights appears to have changed since Blake left it. With the incident fresh in her memory, it was clear that was what was causing Blake to worry.

Therefore Blake can’t help but think one thought regarding today’s accident.

‘It was done by the organization I was once part of.”

“You’re overthinking it. The perpetrator wasn’t a Faunus, right? I don’t think it’s those guys this time.” Reassured Weiss.

“It isn’t hard for a Faunus to imitate a human and pretend to be one.”

“Well, we can’t exactly refute that statement,” Yang says to Weiss, Blake continues ignoring Yang’s light hearted comment.

“The SIC is a perfect candidate to attack for the organization, sure I didn’t hear about targeting them before but they might have decided to do so recently. There could be a ton of reasons why they were attacked today.”

As no one could argue against Blake on this, the room grows solemn.

Yang understands and shares Blake’s concern and Weiss, having already had a harsh argument with Blake on this topic before, wanted to exercise discretion when dealing with it again, lest she repeats her past mistake.

During all of this, the leader of team RWBY who was missing …


Returns at the most inopportune moment. Carrying a water donut and a beach ball under her arms while wearing a snorkel on her head, Ruby’s merry appearance was terribly out of place.

“Ladies of team RWBY! Your invulnerable leader Ruby Rose has returned after splendidly finishing her difficult task! Acquiring bounty that is absolutely necessary for going to … the … sea.”

Finally noticing the cold atmosphere in the room, Ruby puts down the beach ball.

“….. Did something happen?”

“It’s nothing, just some discussion about a conspiracy theory.”

While saying so Yang turns to look at what was behind Ruby.

“So, what’s that thing behind you?”

“I can hear you!”

Ruby, who had instantly regained her spirit, jumps aside to introduce the person behind her.

“It’s the good friend of team RWBY, Jaune Arc!”

“Uh, hi.” Said Jaune while raising his hand out of habit.

“We can see that.” Responds all three members of team RWBY.

Feeling the pressure of the less than welcome atmosphere Jaune retreats back right into Ruby.

“Tough crowd huh Jaune.”

“Y, ya. Thanks for the help though.”

“Anyways, don’t you have something to ask Weiss?”

“Me?” Weiss says tilting her head.

Jaune clears his throat, wipes his hands on his pants, and grabs the ticket in his pocket.

“Weiss, so about this summer vacation, I was wondering if you uh …”

It was then that Jaune notices the trunk beside Weiss. Not just Weiss, all the girls seemed to be preparing for a trip, packing clothes and items into luggage bags, Ruby even looks ready to head to the beach right then and there.

“Summer vacation? Of course, I already have plans.” Weiss answers with her hands across her chest.

“Hehehe. Look, At, This!”

Held proudly by Ruby were four very familiar looking rectangular pieces of paper, all marked with the SIC logo and a map to the port in Vale.

“As a reward for stopping that machine’s rampage we got tickets to a resort.”

“Basically a bribe.” Said Yang.

“Well, maybe …” Trailed Weiss in her sentence.

“So what’s the name of the island we’re traveling to?” Asked a curious Blake.

“Um …” Ruby responds as she looks closely at the tickets.

“…..Sapang Island.”

Before Ruby could finish, Jaune answers for her.


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