RWBY The Session Chapter 1 Part 2

Part 2

In this cruel and harsh world of Remnant, safety is found few and far between.

Of the countless towns, cities, kingdoms that have risen and fallen in the annals of history four names still remain to this day.





In these four Kingdoms, there exists an institution, the “Academy” of said Kingdom. The purpose of these academies is to gather the brave and strong youths that stand against evil, to refine and train them to be guardians of the world.

To be Hunters and Huntresses.

In Vale’s Beacon, one of these renowned Academies, under the direction of Headmaster Ozpin the necessary skills and knowledge of being a hunter are taught to the students.

Jaune Arc and Lie Ren are team members of a team that attends Beacon Academy, and right now they are visiting an event in the city of Vale during their summer vacation.

“You wanted to come to a product exhibition of industrial machinery? You do know what a summer vacation is right?”

Surprised, the astonished Jaune finishes stuffing the rest of the hotdog into his mouth while looking around the exhibition hall.

The hall also had monitors showing similar SIC promotion video that Jaune saw on the big monitor outside when he was waiting for his hotdog.

“Welcome to SIC’s corporate exhibition. The philosophy of SIC is to watch over humanity, its vast potential, and to help it grow. For today our products will be on full display so feel free to look around to your heart’s content.”

Whether it be the machines, the dividers between exhibitions or even the mats laid on the floor it seems SIC’s star shaped logo was everywhere.

SIC, Starhead Industrial Company, appears to be a company that develops and manufactures machinery related to Dust mining and refinement and its uses. The exhibits on display at their booths include manufacturing machinery as well as weapons and ammunition. Also at the exhibits are unrefined crystals of dust that came from the mines owned by SIC.

With the aroma of machine oil drifting through the air, it wasn’t exactly the most romantic setting.

“If you bring a girl to a place like this, you’ll never get a second date.”

“….. Just to clarify, who did you want to ask to come here with?”

“Weiss Schnee obviously.”

Weiss Schnee, the beautiful white haired and porcelain skinned heiress of a grand corporation, and an honour student at Beacon Academy. She tends to be quite self-conscious of who and what she’s around.

“I have yet to see her accept any of your invitations so far.”

“I … I know.”

Being his teammate and his friend Ren knew quite well Jaune’s affection for Weiss, and also how it was a one-way street.

“But Ren, I’m trying to find something, anything. She does have a serious personality, so maybe if I could explain some neat product here she may actually enjoy this place.”

“So should I investigate a little?”

Ren pulls out a small white device, a scroll, and opens it up.

On this multi purpose device, that can do stuff from call people to function as an electronic identification, Ren taps away looking up information regarding the SIC exhibition. Finding some brochures regarding the event he starts opening them up one by one.

“How about this? A new ‘Lazy man’s pet’ exhibit. It hardly moves, will require minimal charging and doesn’t need maintenance.”

“Isn’t that just a stuffed doll? Anything else?”

“An experimental ‘Bionic Arm’ exhibit? ‘For those that need help in their every day lives.'”

“Two arms is enough for me.”

“The rest …. are video files.” Ren then presses a button starting one of these video files.

Jaune’s eyes grow wide as he watched the video starts playing.

Ren’s scroll was showing a very summer-esque scene, a beach in front of a deep blue sea.

Over the picturesque image of the calming tropical island were the words “Sapang Island.”

“Sapang Island, owned by SIC is home to many facilities for our research and development. Also, along with the research done here, a resort is also being built on this island since Sapang Island is such a perfect resort location. We periodically invite the general public here to help us improve our …”

“Did it just say that there are general public invitations?”

“Seems there’s a detailed explanation written here.”

Ren stops the video and looks through the explanation regarding Sapang Island.

“It seems that the leisure facilities built for the employees were recently opened up to the public. In exchange for SIC deciding the scheduling both the travel and lodging costs will be covered.”

“A free resort?”

“That’s what it says.”

With this information, Jaune starts trembling with excitement.

A tropical island, there couldn’t be a more appropriate place to spend your time during summer vacation. Under the crimson sun and clear blue sky. Standing on a white sandy beach in front of the sky blue sea. Beautiful girls in swimsuits. Palm trees in the background and eating tropical fruits and fresh fish, it’ll be the best!

“So how does one get invited to Sapang Island?”

“That, however, is not explained.”

“Haha, no way they would leave that out.”

Moving over Jaune reads the text on Ren’s scroll again. Furthermore, he rewatched the video file from the beginning and as Ren said, none of it explained how one gets invited to the island.


“Maybe it’s only for shareholders or people that are in a business relationship with SIC.”

“Why would they do that?”

“To test the facilities and entertain important guests.”

With this hopeless news, Jaune’s expression drops like a rock.

Jaune is but a humble student, nothing like a company associate or a shareholder or even a machinery operator. The only person Jaune knows that might fit one of those criteria is Weiss Schnee. No matter how you spin it, asking the girl you’re trying to impress, “Hey can you take me to a resort using your family connections,” is just shameful beyond words.

“… Ah, darn it.” Giving up on the idea of going to an island Jaune starts walking.

“Let’s look around for something else, maybe a good idea will come up.”

“Sorry Jaune, but I got something I have to do first.”

Surprised at Ren’s words Jaune looks back at his friend.

“You aren’t here to preview the machinery?”

“No, I don’t have that kind of hobby.”

“Then to check out some new weapons?”


“Then, Dust? Some kind of new effect they put into bullets?”


“Then what?”



Taken aback by the completely random answer Jaune could only stare dumbfounded. Ren once again takes out his scroll and starts explaining.

“I came to see a specialized pancake making machine. It is a new ground breaking machine that will overturn all the previous specialized pancake makers. In this brochure it … here Jaune … hey … Jaune. Here … It’s written here Jaune.”

“……Ya sure.”

“Anyway, this is why I’m here.”

Ren then with a spring in his step turns around and lightly walks away into the crowd.

Left to his own devices Jaune could only stand there and dumbly stare at the back of his friend. Just then a dog drone passes by Jaune and begins talking to him.

“If you having trouble and getting lost, how about the latest mapping app for your scroll?”

“No … I’m fine.” Said Jaune, but then a thought came to him.

“You don’t happen to know how to get invited to Sapang Island do you?”

“Apologies, that is an unrecognized question.”

With a puff, the drone turns it’s sharp metallic head and walks away.

Turning away from the drone Jaune walks around in search of an interesting looking booth hoping something is cool here.

But unfortunately, Jaune has no interest at all in the industrial machinery everywhere, as such he could never find a reason to stop his feet from moving. Rather than ever going into a booth he just watches all the monitors hung from each booth.

Walking aimlessly and carelessly like that, it was only a matter of time before Jaune would walk into someone. Feeling a light bump on his back and returning from his daze, Jaune turns around and sees the person he bumped into tumble dramatically backward.


Lying on her back was a girl younger than Jaune. For some reason, this girl was wearing an elaborately decorated overall, and on top of her chestnut coloured hair, she wore a pair of bluish goggles.

It appears that during her fall the contents of her bag were all knocked out and now documents littered this pathway. Jaune noticed that he had left footprints on a couple of them as well.

“Sor … Sorry! Are you ok?”

But the girl ignored him and dived for the laptop that fell from her bag. Sitting in front of all her documents she hacked away at the keyboard trying to confirm the state of her computer.

Jaune quietly starts picking up the documents and discreetly cleaned off his footprints.

That’s when he noticed something.

All the documents seemed to feature the SIC logo and in particular 1 sheet had an over saturated picture of a beach.

“Sapang Island….?” Said Jaune reading the words written on the paper.

All the info that made Jaune determined to go to the island earlier were written down on this piece of paper.

This sudden stroke of luck brought back memories of a Bingo session Jaune went to when he was a kid. Right from the start he instantly got first prize, it sure surprised everyone there.

Jaune extends his hands, then asks, “Are you a SIC associate?”

It appears the laptop wasn’t broken as she closed it and put it back into the bag she carried under her arms. However, she definitely wasn’t happy as she glared back at Jaune with a pout.

“Oh right, my name is Jaune Arc, a student at Beacon Academy. I actually have a quest …”

Rather than answering the girl just takes back the documents in Jaune’s other hand, and stuffs them back in her bag. Then just like the dog drone earlier, the girl turns around and just walks away.

“Wa, Wait! I have something I wanna ask you!”

The girls cuts in between two booths, into an especially busy passageway. The girl being smaller than Jaune could navigate through the crowd much better than Jaune, who now was having great difficulty keeping up.

“Excuse me, sorry coming through … OW! You’re stepping on me! You’re stepping on me!”

Bumping into people multiple times, getting kicked in the shins and having a dog drone walk on his toes Jaune finally gives up on the chase.

On the contrary, Jaune doesn’t even know where he was now. Looking at the booths around him it seems he was in the weapons area of the exhibition, all the people walking around were either big or gave off a powerful vibe just by looking at them.

Unbeknownst to Jaune who was remarking on a Faunus with sharp tusks, walked four sweet and delicate girls that felt out of place here.


“Look where you’re going! AND CAN YOU NOT PULL ON MY CLOTHES!?”

“I would rather go see bikes than weapons, see if they have new tires or seats available.”

“Nothing here interests me.”

Four familiar voices are heard. Jaune who was still in a daze from the goggles girl stopped and looked around.

“Oi, you’re in the way.”

A Faunus with ridiculous muscles and a notch between in his eyebrows nudges Jaune out of his way causing Jaune to lose his balance. Just as he was about to fall something grabs his hand and steadies him.

“……! Weiss?”

“You’re welcome.” A dog drone had grabbed Jaune’s cuffs, and while still in his grasp the drone continues. “By the way do you want the latest mapping app for your scroll?”

“….Uhh, I’m ok. Thanks for the help. …. You can let go now.”

While being held down by his sleeve Jaune searches his surroundings, but he, however, cannot find the four familiar figures anymore. Even so, he continues looking around until something finally catches his eye.

Unlike the booths, in what looked like the plaza, was displayed a giant industrial machine so tall you had to crank your head to see the top of it.

“What is that?”

An elephant looking machine; 4 legs, long tusks and a lengthy nose (Used to do actual work?). Jaune notices that the girl he bumped into earlier just so happened to be climbing said large machine. With her bag carried on her back, she uses a pickaxe looking instruments to climb, leaving behind scratches on the machine.

Yup, that was the girl who spilled those SIC documents, someone who was associated with SIC.

Jaune once again starts walking. While avoiding the attention of people and drones he crosses over the rope barricade and calls towards the girl who was climbing the large machine.

“Uh, you ok up there?”

The girl suddenly stops and lowers her head towards where Jaune stood. Her cautious eyes stare holes into Jaune as if condemning him for his immaturity at chasing her to here.

While feeling a bit guilty, Jaune nonetheless brings out his best smile to try to break the tension.

“Sorry to disturb you. Do you remember me? I introduced myself earlier.”

The girl’s mouth shifts slightly and she makes a sour face, then returns back to climbing the machine.

“…. Did you just click your tongue at me?”

The girl reaches the neck of the elephant looking machine and moves something. Suddenly the head opens up and the girl slips inside.


Just as Jaune realized that it was the cockpit, the mechanical elephant starts groaning to life.

Legs as thick as a pillar of buildings starts moving, each step causing a thunderous roar when it crashes into the floor. After gaining the attention of all the people in the vicinity the trunk knocks over a nearby crane.

Those who judged that this was a bit extreme for a demonstration starts fleeing. The staff members with SIC armbands have also run off, in their stead, it is the drones who are blaring their sirens and directing the crowd to safety.

However, Jaune was not running away from the scream filled hallway despite having the most warning of the disaster. He knew that it was the younger girl doing this and if that was the case Jaune thought he may be able to do something.

Jaune is a very optimistic individual.

“OII!! What are you doing! You’re … WHOA! That was close.”

In the face of the mechanical elephant that was scattering lined up chairs, breaking everything it steps on, Jaune decides to join those that were running away. As a Beacon Academy student, he did carry a weapon with him but this was too much for a simple sword and shield to handle. Bracing his body he pushes his legs against …


absolutely nothing. Looking down he sees that both his legs were dangling in mid air, in a blink of the eye the ground flys away from him. His hood having been caught in one of the tusks of the mechanical elephant, Jaune was now a rag doll being shaken up and down through the air.

All that was left to Jaune was to scream like a little girl.


The back of the mechanical elephant’s head opens up and the head of the goggles girl pops out. Looking down at the hanging form of Jaune the two pair of eyes meet, this time Jaune clearly hear the girl click her tongue, “Chi.”

“Again with the tong…HYAAAAAAAA!”

The machine’s pace speeds up to a run. With every pounding step the tusks rock, shaking Jaune’s body along with it. Suddenly the rhythmic motion stops and Jaune’s hood is finally released from the grip of the machine’s tusk. Or in other words, Jaune was thrown straight into the air by the momentum of his earlier predicament.


Fortunately or unfortunately, Jaune was thrown right above the mechanical elephant. Jaune frantically struggles in midair to grab something however, he only ends up landing on the machine’s back. Clinging to the back as the machine starts running again Jaune screams for dear life.

Clinging to the back as the machine starts running again Jaune screams for dear life.


Jaune’s cries were never heard, all he could see were the violent shakings of the beast as it scatters everything in the nearby empty booths.

“Uggghhh….I’m gonna be sick….”

In the midst of tears and nausea Jaune notices a nimble black and red dot, a dot that in a flash closes the distance to him.

Reflexively closing his eyes Jaune hears in succession the sound of a hard impact, the sound of something getting ripped open. And the voice of a high pitched voice.

“Hi, Jaune.”

Opening his eyes Jaune sees a giant scythe embedded in the back of the mechanical elephant.

Sitting on the handle as relaxed as if sitting on a park bench was a girl.

Mustering his strength Jaune calls out her name.


The Silver eyed girl smiles back at him.


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