RWBY The Session Chapter 1 Update

rwby_the_session_promotional_countdown_01PART 1

“… Therefore, dust is the crystallization of nature’s energy. Fire, lightning, ice, nature’s elemental forces are contained within these crystals.”

The screen changes to an image of crystals of varying colours.

“Since long ago humanity has continued to use this natural resource however, there is one problem.”

The screen changes again, now to an image of an exploding crystal.

“To control the raw energy of nature, one needed extreme finesse and technique. So our fore fathers though if the power cannot be easily mastered, why not refine it so that it CAN be easily used.”

Images were changed again, now to the benefits of Dust. Various shapes and sizes cut from the crystals. Ones used in cars, ones used in projects.

Ones used in weapons.

“The refinement of Dust to allow safe usage gave way to innovation, civilization and of course the burgeoning Dust industry. One could say our future…”

The screen changes once again, now to a scene of children laughing in front of a backdrop of skyscrapers.


A hotdog suddenly is thrust before his eyes.

While lounging in front of the event venue’s giant monitor and watching its recordings a startled Jaune Arc quickly moves his body. Below his blonde hair, his blue eyes are opened wide and start searching for his companion.

The food stand’s owner, an elderly man with thin eyes and a balding head that has lost hair all around the top of his head, again thrusts a hotdog at Jaune.

Jaune, remembering that he ordered a hotdog looks back and sees the people lining up behind him, and noticed they all gave him the look that spoke: “Finish up already!”

Quickly pulling out his wallet and paying for his hotdog Jaune leaves the line. And a little bit from the food stand stood his friend.

As Jaune chews through his hotdog his friend, Lie Ren, asks him with cool and calm eyes.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing let’s go.”

Now together, they turn from the food stand’s line towards the assembly hall.

“Is this really Ok Jaune? Coming along with me for this?” Asked Ren as they walked.

“But it’s so rare that you would say “I have somewhere I want to go.” And what’s more, Nora couldn’t come either.”

“I did speak with Nora, she just didn’t wake up.”

Jaune then understood why that morning was so quiet. Ren’s childhood friend Nora Valkyrie, in contrast to the cool and collected Ren, was rambunctious and talkative when awake.

“But the fact that Nora couldn’t come could be a blessing.”

Ren raises his one of his eyebrows at Jaune’s satisfied expression.

“What do you mean?”

“Ren, what season is it?”


“Do we have classes?”

“No, it’s summer vacation.”

Jaune then gives a wide grin.

“Think about it Ren, we have tons of time thanks to summer vacation, and the two of us aren’t what you call the most handsome. By ourselves, we’ll never be able to entertain girls.”

His teeth shined breifly while he said that. Honestly it was hard to tell if he was joking or not, at the very least Ren did not laugh.


“To give girls a good time you must first plan out a date that’ll please them. Yes, what we need is a dating hotspot, that’s what we need!”

Preaching with such seriousness, casually using “we” when giving that statement. Ren just quietly responds,

“So basically you wanted to see if this event can be used for a date.”

“Basically. So, what does place have? I see a bunch of SIC logos everywhere, are they a famous brand or something? But the video earlier was more like a history lesson. Are the two related?”

“You’ll understand once you see it first hand.” Said Ren as the two of them passed the event entrance hall.

“Oh, Oh …. ?”

Taken up the entirety of Jaune’s field of view was the grand hall with its high ceiling and its wide atrium.

Within, a number of booths were lined up partitioned into sections, most of them displaying large machines with the staff explaining the product to visitors. And between the booths walked autonomous machines that mimics dogs and horses.

These “animals” with their motors and actuators working quietly led and guided and even gave rides to the attendees, diligent in their duties.

Faced with the sight before him, Jaune froze for a bit. And Ren with a serious face asked Jaune, “So will this place work as a dating spot?”


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