RWBY Chapter 14 update

So with the official Viz media translation pretty much almost caught up to the actual manga I really don’t have that much drive to translate anymore. As such I don’t think I’ll be writing a synopsis/short story here.

However I do want to clear something up, there was a lot of talk saying this would be the last chapter, however it is not. There was a “to be continued” on the last page of this month’s manga so the manga WILL be continuing so we’ll have that.

And for those that have been keeping count, we finally got a longish chapter this time, 20 pages!!


5 thoughts on “RWBY Chapter 14 update

  1. Oh no, please translate the last 2 chapters like 12 and 13, 15 is the final, because the viz version is not available in my region.
    Thanks for your work all these months.


  2. I have been seeing posts my Manga writers of their RWBY doujinshi that are going to be sold soon (i think) If you see any that you like, do you plan on translating them?


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