RWBY Manga Chapter 13 story


Ruby was not having the best of days, sure today was to have a search and clear Grimm mission so she expected some excitement. However, she really didn’t expect to be running for her life … in midair … with a giant snake head chasing her … and also having boulders flying everywhere around her.

Ya … not the best day she’s ever had.

One such boulder was on a collision course with Ruby but with one swift motion, Crescent Rose cut the boulder right in half.

“Sis!” Yelled Ruby seeing an opportunity.

“YOU GOT IT!!” Yelled Yang back, quickly jumping up to meet the two falling pieces of earth.

Yang thrust her fists and Ember Celica into the two halves of the boulder and with unparalleled power launched them right back at the head of the King Taijitu.

The two sisters landed back on solid ground and watched as their handiwork crashed into the monster.

“Ruby!” Cried Weiss as she finally caught up to her leader. The two retreated as Yang charged once again into the fray with the oncoming monster.

“What Jaune said earlier, was it true?” Asked Weiss.

“No doubt about it, there’s definitely something strange where all the heads are joined.” Replied Ruby.

“Then it’s gotta be a Possession type, I faced one before in a training session back in Atlas.” Said Weiss, with determination and now understanding in her eyes. “I saw it possess an inanimate object but I didn’t know it could also control it’s fellow Grimm as well.”

Suddenly Gambol Shroud whizzed overhead the two, surprising the two teammates. Turning around to see where the weapon was heading they watched as the blade struck right in the middle of a charging King Taijitu head.

“Ruby, Weiss!” Cried Blake as she landed next to her teammates.

Yang who had been in the mouth of one of the heads holding it open with her bare hands disengaged and landed to join up with her regrouped team.

“Uugh. MY HAIR IS ALL SLIMY NOW!!” Yelled Yang at the monster.

“Blake, Sis.” Said Ruby to her two teammates who had just shown up.

“We heard Ruby,” replied Blake to Ruby’s call, “We have to attack it’s ‘true body’ right? But that’s not going to as easy as it sounds.”


Suddenly Jaune’s voice caught team RWBY’s attention, turning to the source of the sound they found Jaune on another ledge a distance away.

“There’s 8 of us and 8 heads but we can’t beat it with normal divide and conquer tactics. We’re going to need more drastic measures if we want to win.” Cried Jaune to his fellow hunters in training team.

“We’ll meet up over there, try to lead the monster there as well!!” Yelled Jaune as he pointed towards an outcropping a bit further away.

“You can leave four of the heads to us.” Yelled Pyrrha from behind Jaune as Nora and Ren were running along the length of another Snake head fighting.

“Got it.” Replied Ruby.

“You know Ruby,” Said Blake nonchalantly catching Ruby’s attention, “the follow-up to that story I mentioned earlier was that in the belly of the eight-headed snake slept a beautiful Sword.”

(TL Note: This is a reference to the Japanese story of Susanno and how when he slew Yamato-no-Orochi an 8-headed Snake he found within its tail the sword Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi.)

Suddenly thoughts of rare weapons filled Ruby’s mind and her eyes started sparkling.


“Wait a minute Blake,” Said Weiss skeptically, “did you say that just to …”

However, Weiss wasn’t given the chance to finish her sentence as the four had to dodge out of the way as a had crashed into where they were standing.

“Well, I guess we’ll continue afterward.” Said Weiss disregarding the fact they just had a close brush with death. “Instructions Ruby, what shall we do?”

“Cmon Ruby!!” Cried Yang to her little sister.

“ALRIGHT!!” Yelled Ruby with renewed enthusiasm, “TEAM RWBY LET’S GO!!”



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