Questions about manga viewer

So ya I know this site is not the best place for reading manga, but since it’s free I don’t have as much freedom in the individual viewer that are given to me. I’m trying out a different viewer in WordPress, can everyone who follows this blog please go and look at Chapter 8’s page again.

Please leave a comment on which one you liked more, the ones I have been using or this other one. If everyone likes the new one I’ll retro actively change the old pages to use the new viewer.


4 thoughts on “Questions about manga viewer

  1. I like the newer one better, pages are default larger but it may pose a bit of a problem for long landscape images since it looks like it spreads to max available width. Can’t comment on individual pages though, if anyone is doing that here.


  2. I appreciated the ability to flip through the pages and focus on them individually in the original (even though the pages were a tad blurry), but I also like the clearer look of the pages in the new one, even if I don’t really care for having to scroll to read them.

    Basically, both have merits and drawbacks to me.


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