RWBY Chapter 7 out

YAY! Kindle is releasing the comic pretty much the same day as the magazine now so I can get these out even sooner!

Anyways suuuuuuuuper short chapter this month and again not a lot added to the story. I expect Yang’s arc will be adding as much new content as Blake’s arc did. Also I did not know that Miltia had short hair since the fur scarf hides that in her 3d model. She looks cute :P.


6 thoughts on “RWBY Chapter 7 out

  1. Well, at least we can look forward to more good artwork. Hopefully this is doing well enough that we can expect more, or at least a U.S. release of this much.


  2. I hope the story picks up with more detail in the Manga. It seems lacking. The artwork is awesome but after the Weiss chapters it seemed to lose the details. Hope it starts picking up again when the chapters finish covering the trailers… Oh and Also, YANG ISN’T STUPID! Why the fuck are they making her a dumb blond?


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