RWBY Chapter 6 out

So I could have gotten this out sooner, apparently the Kindle version is coming out earlier than the first of every month now. It was only by chance that I was checking ultra jump that I noticed it came out. Anyways I’ll check more often after the magazine comes out from now on.

Anyone else notice the dramatic change of Blake’s ears compared to her design in the show? The ears are MUCH bigger.


9 thoughts on “RWBY Chapter 6 out

  1. Good job once again! So, is it time to change the banner to add Blake? The ending caption makes me wonder if there’s more.


  2. Also, were you hoping we could get some added story like we did in Ruby and Weiss’s chapters? Because this just seems like the Black Trailer put to print, and now I’m afraid that’s what will happen with Yang.


    1. Ya I was kinda hoping for more, buuutttt I also know this is made for the Japanese market not the western market. As such I’m fine with it just adapting the trailers. Yang’s arc will be what it is, at this point I’m more interested in if this will continue after Yang’s trailer. The original announcement was for the trailers only. I don’t know if there’s any intention on continuing after the trailers.


      1. Yeah, true…though I’m more curious if Rooster Teeth will license and publish it in the states. It’d be nice to get a physical copy, even if it is just one volume.


  3. A verbal tick meaning exasperation, I could have put “tch” there but the Japanese put “ku” and most other manga translation groups put ku so I just followed suit.


    1. Meh go ahead, I don’t really care if other people want to reuse my stuff for further translations, only if they just copy and said they did the English translation:P.

      However I will say that because this is already a translation you might lose more by doing a translation on top of another translation. Just keep that in mind.


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