RWBY Chapter 5 out

Wow a day early, mostly because there were very little lines to actually translate this chapter. Don’t expect this to happen regularly : P.

I’m kinda disappointed in this chapter, I was really hoping for some backstory to Blake, but I’m going to assume RT wants to save all that stuff for the actual show instead of the Manga.


7 thoughts on “RWBY Chapter 5 out

  1. Gotta say, Adam looks pretty good in Miwa’s art style. Thanks for translating these cloud, really looking forward to them each month.


  2. On the bright side, I can definitely say this has far better dialogue than the Black Trailer.

    Although we may have our gracious translator to thank for that, lol.


  3. Once again, you are doing good work here. Keep it up, looking forward to June 1st and the second half of this.


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