No RWBY Manga this month

I could not find any official announcements but I took a look at the ultra jump listing this month and RWBY was not in it. Little further digging on Japanese RWBY fan twitter accounts has confirmed that the RWBY manga this month is taking a break.

This means that on April 1st there will be no RWBY Manga being posted here. Which is a real shame, I had some pretty funny lines I wanted to do for a April fools version of the manga along with the actual release. Oh well sorry guys :(.



5 thoughts on “No RWBY Manga this month

  1. Nooooooooo, it was already painfull for new content to come out monthly. I need RWBY šŸ˜„
    *btw great job on the translations and thank you for doing this.


      1. Awesome! Don’t worry about if you need to delay. You’re doing a great job and it’s on your own time, so just go at your own pace.


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