RWBY Chapter 4 out

So I think this confirms that Weiss got her scar from the trailer fight as well as apparently Winter was the driving force behind Weiss’s decisions. Anyway have fun guys, please do read my translator notes as I saw lots of confusion in the last chapter.

If any RoosterTeeth people are also looking at these I want to say this to you guys. Thank you for all you are doing and continue doing it as we all love RWBY very much.

And I also doubt that Gray and the like don’t know that I exist since they’re so connected to the fandom. As such I want to also say this, inaction sometimes speak as loud as action itself so I want to thank you specifically for that. I know that legally you guys probably can never publicly acknowledge my existence but if I ever make a giant flub in my translations. Please contact me so that I may fix it.


13 thoughts on “RWBY Chapter 4 out

  1. I think I’ll be looking forward to these especially if it in someway is involved with the upcoming season hopefully not a long break this time.


  2. You, Sir, are the simple soul our world needed for uploading these manga scans (and translated them yourself!).


  3. Neat idea: How about you fill in Ruby and Weiss’s silhouettes now that their arcs are done, and then fill in Blake’s when Chapter 6 comes out, and Yang’s when the manga ends with her story?


  4. Its Me again, sorry for bothering you, can We at least use your version to make the spanish translation, we don’t need the translation files only know if you agree.



    1. Go right ahead, I don’t mind if you take these for further translations. The only thing I’m worried about is giving out the original Japanese RAWs as the crackdown in Japan were for those scans.

      Just understand that you will be doing a translation over a translation so you might lose even more of the original meaning. If you’re alright with that go ahead I don’t mind you using my stuff :P.


      1. Sorry for the wait,
        First of all Thank You for let us use your version.
        Regarding the translation we have translated the first chapter from the Japanese but we can not continue due to difficulty finding the raws


  5. Yes, no one has scanned the japanese version of the manga, I get my raws by buying the kindle version. So every 1st of the month I go on and buy the latest ultra jump kindle version. I hope that helps.


    1. I have to be the most bothering guy arround here but is there a way that you let us use your raws?
      We tried to buy it using diferent cards and address from but it always give us an error.

      We dont share it, and if the problem is the money we can talk about it.



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