RWBY Chapter 2 out

This one took a while as there are no raw scanners in Japan right now. Hope you guys enjoy this 🙂


5 thoughts on “RWBY Chapter 2 out

      1. How much would it cost for the premium? I would be willing to donate towards helping to assist you in costs for this. I only know a little bit of Japanese so I can’t really help with getting scans out there. But I would love to help out in some way.


      2. $129 per year but I will not accept any kind of monetary donations for this project what so ever as once money gets involved in a project like this tons of legal issues can arise.

        If ever this site becomes big enough where I will need the extra space I will fund it myself the same with me buying the raws every month. Thank you for your offer but as a fan project, it being kinda ghetto gives it a certain charm imo.


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